16th-17th November, 2017

Dr.Sridhar Balasubramanian


Design Thinking

Design thinking is a collection of methods and approaches used to drive customer- and market-centered innovation, design, concepts, and strategies. This is a frame work for focusing on solutions instead of problems.

You’ll learn how to harness the power of design thinking to create a path for innovation, unveil new possibilities and make a greater contribution to your organization’s future success.

Program Take Aways

By attending this program participants gain the following:

  • Listening and understanding customers well
  • Pursuing customer and market-focused innovation and ideas
  • Making Design Thinking a regular part of approaching innovations
  • Using Design Thinking to spur growth challenges in organizations

Program Details

The program enables participants to learn and implement a set of tools and processes associated with design thinking. In broad terms, the tools and processes will cover the following areas:

  • Listening and understanding customers well
  • Pursuing customer and market – Focused innovation and idea generation
  • Rapid prototyping and creative expression of ideas and innovation
  • Managers attending the program will be able to make design thinking a regular part of how they approach innovation and growth challenges in their organizations.
  • Interactive lectures
  • Case study discussions

Executives who are tasked with problem-solving and are looking for new approaches to find solutions. Likely designations are design engineers, project engineers, research engineers & scientists, applied scientists and members of technical staff.


16 th-17 th November, 2017



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