5 Reasons Why Senior Executives Must Take Up Management Education
5 Reasons Why Senior Executives Must Take Up Management Education

5 Reasons Why Senior Executives Must Take Up Management Education

How often do we feel saturated, rather suffocated, in our current job roles? Most people would answer in affirmative here. The reason is simple. Times are changing fast, and with time, everything around us is changing too. Take the cost of living, for example. Do you think you could manage in the salary that was decided upon in your offer letter 5 or 10 years back? Not fair at all, right!

And, it’s not just the money that is an issue here. Technology is moving at the speed of light, and with each advancement, it becomes absolutely necessary to keep yourself updated to the core. Else, you lose out in the race to the top of the ladder.

For all these reasons and many more, it is perhaps important for all executives to not let your careers get stagnant. Rather, try and move ahead in your career path, and the best way to do so is apparently through management education programmes. One such brilliant programme that has enabled many executives to get onto the path of continued professional success is the Senior Management Programme (SMP) offered by the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) in collaboration with TSW, a Times Group initiative. The following points explain why senior executives can’t do without taking up management education courses like these in today’s era.

  • You get to learn the 4Ps

The 4Ps of management stand for People, Process, Products, and Partners. A good manager needs to have sufficient knowledge of all of these, along with the skills to maintain a healthy balance between them all. Among the four of these, people management is the most important, for which you need to possess excellent leadership skills to lead your team to success. A senior management course would give you ample opportunities to polish such skills.

  • You get the hang of the management jargon

Management is not just about leading and sitting at the helm of things. It is also about certain specific concepts and theories, which need to be applied in the day-to-day workplace scenario to get the work done effectively. The first step to being a manager is to learn these concepts and terminologies.

  • You get to polish your interpersonal skills

Communication is the most powerful tool in the hands of a good and ‘popular’ manager on board the company’s ship. Someone who knows how to handle crises situations while staying calm all along, who can convey constructive criticisms to his/her team without demeaning their efforts – it truly involves management skills, and this art can be learned by taking up the senior management programme.

  • You open up the way to better jobs in the market

Talking of stagnation (as mentioned earlier), everyone wants to keep climbing up the ladder of success. And you may not be able to achieve all that you wish for by getting stuck at the senior executive role. In order to move up a notch on to a managerial role, you need to groom yourself at a senior management programme, where you can get hands-on experience of dealing with new skills and technologies relevant to your new job profile.

  • You become eligible for higher pay scales

Pay is definitely a concern at any workplace, any job role you might be in. And the need to jump is felt, most importantly, in order to make higher earnings. Fair enough! To aid you in this venture, what you need is expert guidance and support. This support is rendered to you when you take up senior management executive education where you get to gain a lot of valuable insights from the expert mentorship by industry-experienced faculty.

The Senior Management Programme offered by IIMC can provide you a great platform to begin your journey up the success ladder. The course is a one-year intensive management education programme designed specifically for senior executives. Delivered via an interactive online learning mode, the programme will help you develop a strategic perspective for your as well as your organizational growth. Besides the certificate that validates your augmented skillset, you also gain the alumni status of the esteemed IIM Calcutta, which in itself is a great achievement for propagating your professional growth. Come join the program today and make a mark at the helm of affairs.

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