Programme Type



12 Months

Deadline to Apply

8th March, 2022

Programme Fee

₹5,32,000 + GST

Class Timings

Saturday, First Session: 9:00 AM to 10:15 AM
Saturday, Second Session: 10:30 AM to 11:45 AM

Programme Overview

Demand for Senior Management Professionals

Programme Content

• Organisational Behaviour
• Macroeconomics
• Financial Reporting & Analysis
• Business Law and Contracts
• Information Technology
• Operations and Supply Chain Management

• People Management
• Corporate Finance
• Leadership
• Analytics for Business
• Strategic Marketing

• Leading Teams for High Performance
• Strategic Management
• Digital Transformation
• Innovation and Design Thinking
• Negotiations and Influence
• Building a Sustainable business
• Decision Making for Leaders

Programme Details

Eligibility Criteria

Programme Directors

Prof Kajari Mukherjee

Prof Kajari Mukherjee

Prof. Kajari Mukherjee is permanent faculty at Indian Institute of Management Indore. Her area of research is Complexity Theory and Human Resources Management. She has particular interest in family business and small business. She also researches Corporate Social Responsibility in emerging countries. Her various books, journal articles, case studies and conference papers reflect her wide-ranging research interest. Before joining academics, she has worked in industry for over two decades. Her experience, in senior positions, spans a wide gamut of industries both in the public and private sector. She was Head of Department of a software firm for close to five years. She was Principal Consultant in one of the largest consultancy firms in the world. She consults in areas of change management, end-to-end HR process design and corporate social responsibility. She is founder-board member of a NGO, which trains 800+ very poor students every year, to qualify for IITs/IISER/NITs. Since its inception in 2009, consistently about 80% students get admissions in these institutes. She is M.Sc. (Mathematics), PGDRM (IRMA) and PhD from Tata Institute of Science (TISS). She was one of the twelve senior managers of India selected for Chevening scholarships (UK) in 2004. She was awarded the “Best Teacher” award in 2015 by IIM-Indore.

Date & Fees


The Senior Management Programme helps in equipping employees who have more than 10 years of experience with managerial skills and competencies. The programme focuses on the functional management areas which will build on the participants’ experience. It will prepare senior managers to take up higher roles in an organisation. The course is designed to extend their understanding of the dynamic business environment as well as qualitative and quantitative aptitudes, essential for the transformation of managers into strategic leaders. The senior management programme equips participants with hard and soft skills. Participants will get a chance to upgrade their skills and get prepared to take on new responsibilities in this ever-changing business environment.

The duties of a senior manager are broader in scope than a general manager. They can be very challenging at times too. Similar to other managers, senior managers are responsible for organising and guiding the work of a team. They oversee their work and also take corrective actions when necessary. They ensure clarity around priorities as well as the organisational goals for their team members. Being a senior manager always comes with numerous responsibilities. It is advisable for senior managers to keep themselves abreast of the latest industry trends.

The four levels of management include workers, middle managers, senior managers, and executives. The main role of the executive team, who are at the top of an organisation, is to take the organisation as a whole and develop strategic plans to maintain a competitive edge. The middle management is accountable to the top management, as well as takes responsibility to guide junior management. Junior management is the supervisory level of management. They are in charge of assigning jobs to employees. They supervise as well as instruct employees regarding day-to-day activities. They need to communicate any issues, suggestions, or recommendations, to their team members and maintain parity amongst all.

The senior management programme equips individuals with a general management outlook as well as thinking skills. It will help participants to understand the theories and concepts of management and boost their experience. They will be able to understand how different management functions contribute to the strategy, decision-making processes, and enhancing the overall organisational efforts. The senior management programme will help turn professionals with experience into future leaders. It will promote essential management as well as leadership skills in participants to help them lead organisations successfully. A senior management program will help the participants move up the corporate hierarchy while honing their management skills.