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3 Months

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17th March, 2022

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₹86,500 + GST

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Thursdays : 6:45 P.M. to 9:45 P.M.

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Director, IIM Kozhikode – Programme Director

Professor Debashis Chatterjee has taught leadership classes at Harvard University and at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta, Lucknow, and Kozhikode for nearly two decades. He has been awarded the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship twice for Pre-Doctoral and Post-Doctoral work at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. His published work includes seventeen books such as Leading Consciously (Foreword by Peter M Senge) and Timeless Leadership (Wiley) that have been translated in several international languages. He has trained more than fifteen thousand managers globally in Fortune 100 Corporations and has served as leadership coach to political leaders and CEOs of major Indian organisations. His books ‘Can You Teach A Zebra Some Algebra’ and ‘Invincible Arjuna’ have emerged as path-breaking books in the education space in India. A pioneer in the field of Asian models in leadership, Prof. Chatterjee is credited with transforming IIM Kozhikode from an obscure regional school to an institution of national impact and global recognition. Prof. Chatterjee has been reappointed as Director of IIM Kozhikode for a second 5-year term.

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