Programme Type



10 Months

Deadline to Apply

03rd September, 2022


₹2,34,000 + Taxes

Class Timings

Saturday: 9:00 p.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Programme Overview

Programme Content

• Introduction to Financial Reporting and Statements
• Balance Sheet; Income Statement
• Cash Flow Statement
• Financial Statement Analysis

• Statistics for Finance
• Mathematics for Portfolio Management
• Understanding Normal Distribution

• Indian Financial System
• Financial Markets and Instruments
• Recent Trends in Financial Markets
• Start-up Finance

• Time Value of Money
• Making Capital Investment Decisions
• Net Present Value and Other Investment Rules
• Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

Activity based Learning 1: Estimation of WACC for a listed company

• Discounted Cash Flow Method
• Economic Value Added (EVA)
• Relative Valuation
• Valuation of IPOs

• M & A Process
• M & A Deal Valuation
• Strategic vs Financial Acquisition
• Cross-border Deals

• Fixed Income Markets
• Bond Pricing and Duration
• Convexity and Bond Volatility
• Term Structure of Interest Rates

• Market Efficiency
• Risk and Return Models
• Portfolio Construction
• Portfolio Evaluation Tools

Activity based Learning 2: Portfolio Construction and Analysis of a Mutual Fund

• Analysis of Financial Statements
• Understanding Business Models
• Qualitative Analysis of Companies
• Behavioural Aspects in Investments

Activity based Learning 3: Stock Selection

• Introduction to Derivatives and Derivative Markets
• Pricing of Derivatives
• Hedging with Derivatives
• Trading Strategies

Activity based Learning 4: Option Trading Strategy

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