Programme Type



11 Months

Deadline to Apply

22nd May, 2022


₹1,85,000 + GST

Class Timings

Sunday – 09:00 am to 12:00 pm

Programme Overview

Programme Content

The programme will comprise the following courses:

• Introduction to FinTech
• FinTech in Banking and Finance
• Digital Disruption in Financial Markets
• Innovation & Transformation in FinTech

• Digital Banking
• Robo-advising
• Peer-to-peer Lending
• Reg-tech
• Insurtech
• Payment-tech
• Blockchain
• Cryptocurrencies

• Credit Scoring and AI Implementation
• FinTech Innovation Using IoT
• Detection of Fraud
• Algorithm – Risk-based Pricing

• Introduction to Finance Modelling
• Data Modelling in Excel
• Financial Functions in Excel
• Modelling Tools Usage and Simulation Technique
• Optimisation Models

• Introduction to Blockchain and How it Works?
• Blockchain in Banking
• Benefits and How Blockchain will Impact the Financial Sector?
• Limitations of Blockchain
• Cryptocurrencies
• Digital Tokens or Blockchain Tokens
• Smart Contracts
• DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) and DAC (Decentralised Autonomous Corporations)

• Implementation Strategies for FinTech Providers
• FinTech as Key Levers for Banking Transformation
• Top Use Cases for FinTech Implementation in Banks
• User Experience Design for FinTech
• Service Design for FinTech
• Challenges of Doing B2B Business for FinTech
• Consumers Ask of FinTech
• How Should You Sell Your Proposition?
• To Whom Should You Sell Your Proposition?
• Navigating the Organisational Dynamics

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Programme Directors

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Baag

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Baag

Assistant Professor & Chairperson
Finance, Accounting & Control Area

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Baag is a faculty member at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK). He is an Assistant Professor and Chairperson of Finance, Accounting & Control Area at IIM Kozhikode. Prof. Baag is a Fellow of IIM Calcutta. He has over 14 years of Industry experience in the banking sector in the USA and India. He has been an NCERT scholar. He is the author of five books. He has over six chapters published in various books. He has won over seven best paper awards in various journals and international conferences. He has over fifteen international publications in various ABDC and ABS accredited Journals. He teaches Commercial Bank Management, Project Finance, Financial Services, Private Equity, Entrepreneurial Finance, Social finance, Financial Intermediation at IIM Kozhikode, besides several other topics in various programmes. He has MFM, M. Com (Banking & Insurance), CAIIB, B.Sc. (Physics Hons.) PGD Banking, PGD Foreign Trade, PGDMM, PGDPM & PGDIR, besides Certificates in LC (Pace University, US), Certificate in OM & FA (Brunel University, UK), Certificate in Econometric Analysis (ICSSR). He has participated in over 50 different MDPs. His research interests are in Credit Risk in Banks; Loan Covenants, Financial Inclusion, ESG, Social Finance, and Fintech....

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