Programme Type

Direct To Device


12 Months

Deadline to Apply

7th March, 2022


₹2,25,000 + GST (Excluding Registration Fee)

Class Timings

Sunday, 1st Session: 3:00 PM – 4:15 PM
Sunday, 2nd Session: 4:30 PM – 5:45 PM

Programme Overview

Programme Content

• Dynamics of Demand & Supply
• Demand Elasticity & Pricing
• Firm‘s Cost Structure
• Market Structure
• Understanding the Local & Global Business Environment

• Key Tools and Techniques of International Market Analysis
• Effective Entry Strategies
• Strategic Partnerships
• Export Import Procedures

• Principles of HRM
• Organisational Behaviour & Design
• International Human Resource Management Strategy
• Global Talent Management

• Analysing of External Environment
• Competitive Strategies
• Mergers & Acquisitions, JV & Diversification
• Globalising the Business Model
• Understanding Disruptive Innovations

• Marketing Fundamentals
• Marketing Strategy
• Consumer Behaviour
• Marketing Adaptation
• Global Product Strategies
• Global Pricing & Distribution Strategies

• Financial Statements Analysis
• Cost-benefit Analysis
• Capital Structure
• International Financial Markets
• Managing Financial Risks

• Cross-cultural Communication
• Exploring Cultural Dimensions

• Major Elements of International Trade Management
• Role of Governments in International Trade and Tools at their Disposal
• Influential Factors in International Trade
• Aspects of International Trade
• Geopolitical Analysis of Business Opportunities

• Dispute Settlement
• Foreign Investment
• Contracts & Intellectual Property Protection
• Product Liability

• Supply Chain Strategy
• Performance and Structure of Supply Chains
• Inventory Control
• International Freight Management
• Distribution Network Planning
• Material Handling & Warehousing
• Sourcing and Managing Suppliers
• Global Logistics Management

Programme Highlights

Programme Details

Key Learning Outcomes
Programme Delivery
Campus Immersion
Who Should Attend
Eligibility Criteria

Programme Directors

Dr. Prashant Salwan

Dr. Prashant Salwan

Professor – Strategy and International Business, IIM Indore

Dr. Prashant Salwan (Dr. Salwan) is an alumnus of the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, and a British Chevening Scholar and a Fulbright Scholar. He has sixteen years of academic and eight years of industry experience. He has a PhD (Technology Management and Strategy) and two post-graduate degrees in Management and International trade. He has also undergone training in leadership for higher education institutes at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Dr. Salwan has provided customised training and consulting to the Government of India, State Governments, International Institutions like the World Bank, Indian and foreign multinationals like RIL, LG, Thomas cook, Panasonic, Suzuki, SBI, etc. He was the lead researcher for the Indian Competitiveness Project, Government of India. He is a World Bank consultant and was the lead consultant for the autonomy and strategic planning project. He is also a consultant for UNDP, MHRD, MP Government. Dr. Salwan has around seventy-five research publications in national and international research journals, 48 case studies and has co-authored four textbooks in the area of international business. He also writes for newspapers like BusinessStandard, Times of India, DNA Money, etc.

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The term ‘globalisation’ elucidates that everything in the world has become interconnected due to the increasing technologies and world trade. Hence, global business management refers to managing the business globally in order to have an international reach and achieve organisational success. Furthermore, the management of businesses on a global level also takes into consideration various aspects such as marketing, strategic decision-making, human resources, finance, etc., to create a seamless balance and maintain ideal work culture.

A degree in Global Business Management, especially from a reputed institute like IIM Indore, would open the door to endless opportunities for you. You can earn highly regarded job titles such as:
• International Marketing Manager
• Business Analytics Manager
• Finance Analyst
• Policy Analyst
• International Product Manager
The list is never-ending, considering the demand for global business leaders across all levels.

A global management course is ideally a programme taught to postgraduate or junior/mid-senior level executives to train them on a global scale. IIM Indore’s Executive Programme in Global Business management endows the professional with a global perspective on business management. Such courses are usually meant to hone the candidates’ leadership and managerial skills and upskill them with modern marketplace knowledge.

International business management, broadens the horizon of your career and unlocks limitless opportunities for you globally. In this constantly evolving technological world it unbolts a plethora of career options for you. Such tremendous benefits can be gained through a suitable course from a notable and prestigious institution that provides quality education with a seamless learning experience like IIM Indore’s Executive Programme in Global Business Management.