Programme Type



11 months

Deadline to Apply

13th July, 2022


3,33,000 + GST

Class Timings

Saturday/Sunday: 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
* Sessions will be scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays or on public holidays for completion of the programme in a stipulated time.

Programme Overview

Accelerated Business Management Programme for Executives

Programme Content

(Detailed content within each course contains additional topics apart from the ones mentioned here)

Business Economics
1. Dynamic Economic and Business Landscape
2. Value Proposition, and Demand and Supply
3. Demand Function and Market Elasticity
4. Cost Structure and Scale Economies
5. New World of Disruptive Business Models
6. Sustaining Business and Profits in Competitive Markets

Developing Organisational Leadership
1. Understanding Self
2. Work Motivation
3. Team Management
4. Leadership Traits
5. Unleashing Leadership Potential

Group Project Preparation 1 Session

Financial Statements and Business Decisions
1. An Introduction to the Three Basic Financial Statements
2. Reporting and Interpretation of the Financial statements
3. Managerial Discretion in Financial Reporting and Quality of Earnings
4. Financial Ratio Analysis

Marketing Management
1. Consumer Markets, Behaviour, and CRM
2. Customer Segmentation, Engagement, and Content Strategy
3. Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Business Communication
1. Effective Communication
2. Persuasion and Influence Strategies
3. Business Writing
4. Non-Verbal Communication and Presentation Skills
5. Cross-cultural Communication

Business Statistics

1. Descriptive Analytics: Data Visualisation Techniques
2. Measures of Central Tendency
3. Probability, Random Variable, and Normal Distribution

Group Project Preparation 2 Session

Digital Transformation of Business
1. Building Blocks of Digital Transformation
2. Strategic Role of MIS in Digital Age
3. Basic Enterprise Architecture
4. Emerging Role of Cloud and New IT Architecture
5. IoT and Industry 4.0
6. Cyber Risk Management/Security

Financial Management
1. Introduction to the Financial Goal of the Corporation
2. Investment Analysis: Estimating Hurdle Rate and Cash Flows on Projects
3. Investment Decisions: Best Practices in Capital Budgeting
4. Financial Decisions
5. Short-term Financing and Working Capital Management

Business Data Analytics
1. Overview of Predictive Analytics, ML, and AI
2. Predictive Analytics: Process and Methodology
3. Business Application of ML and AI
4. Big Data Business Model Maturity Index

Designing Work Organization
1. Environment, Strategy, and Design Challenges
2. Designing Structure
3. Organisational Culture
4. Change Management
5. Organisational Life Cycle

Group Project Mid-Term Review

Managing Business Strategy

1. Strategy, Strategic Decisions, and Content
2. External Environment and Internal Analysis
3. Business Level Strategy
4. Strategies for Shaping Markets

Supply Chain Management

1. Understanding Supply Chain
2. Decision Phases and Drivers in Supply Chain
3. Inventory Management, Risk Pooling, and Bullwhip Effect
4. Design of Supply Chain Network
5. Sustainable Supply Chain Network Design

Macroeconomic Environment
1. Macroeconomic and Business Environment
2. Measuring Growth and National Income Accounting
3. Macroeconomic Indicators of Short-run Business Cycle
4. Long-term Economic Growth and Prosperity
5. Monetary, Fiscal, and Exchange Rate Policies

Managing Corporate Strategy
1. Managing a multi-business Company
2. Value Creation using Diversification Strategy
3. Deciding on the Boundaries of the Corporation
4. Mergers and Acquisition, Alliances, and Vertical Integration
5. Corporate Governance

Strategic Marketing
1. Product Management: Product Mix and New Product Development
2. Brand Management in a Digital World
3. Marketing Attribution, Testing, and Experimentation
4. Marketing Tools, Automation, and AI
Management of Services and Pricing

Group Project Immersion: Presentation and Discussion Session

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Programme Directors’ and Faculty Profiles

Prof. D. Tripati Rao

Prof. D. Tripati Rao

Professor, Business Environment

Prof. Rao has been a Professor of Economics in Business Environment at IIM Lucknow since 2004, where he has been engaging in teaching, research and executive training programmes. His research areas of interest are Monetary-Macroeconomics, Macroeconomics and Policy, and International Economics with a focus on the Indian economy. His research papers and reviews have been published in international journals of repute such as International Review of Applied Economics, Applied Financial Economic Letters, Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics, Journal of Global Business Advancement, Journal of Indian School of Political Economy, etc.

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IIM conducts an executive programme that contributes to strengthening your core operational abilities and leadership qualities. Executive education is a vital tool for global businesses to nurture top leadership talent. Enrolling in the IIM executive course can help you plunge yourself into a pool of knowledge to enhance your skills.

One such IIM course is the Accelerated Management Programme for Executives (AMPE) offered by IIM Lucknow. It is an intensive 11-month fast-track management course created specifically for professionals with remarkable track records and a minimum of 5 years of work experience in a wide range of industries.

The accelerated management programme is a systematic online management programme formulated to benefit professionalsin their mid-level and advanced career stages. IIM Lucknow’s Accelerated Management Programme for Executives (AMPE) is uniquely designed fast track management course that helps you develop core management skills for tackling complex business challengesThis course is for individuals who are keen to master and improve their strategic and managerial abilities in current or future roles. The online Accelerated Management Programme from IIM Lucknow will help you to adopt an analytical and integrative approach to problem-solving and leadership. Get engaged with a unique integrated curriculum, gain a deeper understanding of the connection between different organisational functions and become an effective manager.

An executive management course refers to a business management course designed to aid the professional development of company leaders and managers and is considered a part of an ongoing process of lifelong learning.IIM Lucknow’s executive management course is an 11-month fast-track management course for the executive who aims to upskill in a specific area (such as improving leadership skills or gaining strategic awareness).

Demands on senior leaders have soared especially in an atmosphere of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity where one needs to act more decisively and think more strategically.

• IIM Lucknow’s Accelerated Management Programme for Executives (AMPE) will not only prepare you to meet comprehensive demands within your industry but also equip you with the knowledge, skills, and instincts to reach new career heights. Through your investment in AMPE, your greatest potential will be tapped, and you can expect both professional and personal breakthrough