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12 Months

Deadline to Apply

22nd May, 2022


₹2,25,000 + GST

Class Timings

Saturday: 6.45 PM to 9.45 PM

Programme Overview

Programme Content

1 Preparing to Manage Human Resources – A Strategic Approach

  • An Investment Perspective of Human Resource Management
  • The Evolving Role of Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Understanding and Measuring Human Capital
  • Process of Strategic Management
2 Changing Nature on Work, Workplace, and Workforce

  • Strategic Redesign of Work Systems
  • Impact of Technology
  • Work from Home
  • Merger and Acquisitions
3 Organisational Development for the New Age Organisations

  • Diagnostic Tools and Techniques
  • Managing Organisational Culture and Change
  • Learning Organisations: Creating and Managing Knowledge
  • Emerging Organisational Forms
4 Strategic Talent Acquisition

  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Methods of Recruiting
  • International Assignments
5 Performance Management System

  • Conceptual Framework of PMS and Practices in Organisations
  • Business Aligned PM Strategies
  • Performance Review and Appraisal - Methods and Prevailing Practices
  • Art and Science of Effective PMS and Best Practices in the Current Times
6 Strategic Compensation Management

  • Compensation Models
  • Aligning Performance with Rewards and Pay

7 Strategic Talent Management

  • Application of Talent Management in the Current Context
  • Managing Employee Retention, Engagement, and Career
  • Managing the Virtual Workforce
8 Developing Leadership Capabilities

  • Empathy – A Tool for Effective Leadership
  • Leadership Traits, Skills, and Behaviours
  • Leadership in the Digital Era
9 HR Metrics and Analytics

  • HR Metrics Design Principles
  • Approaches for Designing HR Metrics
  • Align HR Metrics with Business Strategy, Goals, and Objectives
  • Challenge of AI for Workforce
  • Building AI Powered Organisations
  • Building HR Functions Metrics
10 Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills

  • Understanding and Managing Conflict
  • Competition and Collaboration
  • Win-win Negotiation Strategies
11 Strategic Communication

  • Communicating with Various Stakeholders – Internal and External
  • Effective Interpersonal Communication
12 Influence without Authority

  • Types of Influencing Styles
  • Adapting Influencing Techniques to Suit the Customers
  • Understand Stakeholders Needs
13 Mentorship and Coaching

  • Overview of coaching and mentoring
  • Models of coaching
  • Reverse mentoring in changing times
  • Business partner as a coach (building coaching skills)

14 International Human Resource Management

  • Stages of Internationalisation and their Implications for HR Function
  • Mastering Expatriation
  • Managing Off-site Teams
  • Leveraging Technology in Managing Human Resources
15 Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience of Leadership

  • Business Case of Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-awareness and Personal Effectiveness
  • Social Awareness and Political Savvy
  • Relationship Management and Decision Making
16 Labor Laws and HR Compliance – New Age Policies

  • Unions and the Law in India
  • The Collective Bargaining Process
  • Dealing with Disputes and Grievances
17 Learning, Knowledge and Human Development

  • Planning and Strategising Training
  • Organisational Development
  • Developing Talent using Technology
  • Implementing Management Development Programs
18 Role of HR in Fostering Inclusivity in the Organisation

  • Valuing Diversity
  • Developing Inter-cultural Intelligence
  • Leading Effective, Inclusive Teams
  • Grievances Redressal
19 Designing Competency Framework

  • Competency and its Relevance
  • Tools and Techniques to Build Competency Model
  • Aligning HR Processes to Competency Framework
  • ROI Based Approach to Competency
20 Building the Story and Communicating Effectively to Stakeholders: Ignored yet Impactful Element for HR Professionals

  • Creating Impact through Story Telling
  • Making a High Impact Presentation – Content and Delivery
  • Managing Various Stakeholders

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Programme Director’s Profile

Dr. Mukund Vyas

Dr. Mukund Vyas

Professor of Practice, IIM Nagpur (Masters and Ph.D. in Psychology from Mumbai University)

Dr. Vyas is a faculty in the area of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at IIM Nagpur. He has over 26 years of industry experience in the area leadership development holding senior positions in India and abroad. He has worked predominantly in the areas such as Leadership Development, Assessment & Development Centre, Talent Management, Performance Management, Organisational Culture, Change management, leadership hiring and succession management. During his corporate career, he implemented Performance Management and Organisational culture to bring about a large-scale transformation in the organisations he worked with. Dr. Vyas is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited from International Coach Federation (ICF), USA and is passionate about helping people become best version of themselves. After spending extensive years in corporate, Dr. Vyas has decided to move to academia in January 2022, to pursue his dream of teaching and providing consulting to corporates in the area of leadership development, including Executive Coaching. Prior to joining IIM Nagpur, Dr. Vyas has worked in Siemens Ltd (India), Siemens AG (Germany), Larsen & Toubro and TATA Motors as a head of Leadership and Talent Development.

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