IIM Calcutta Executive Programme in Growth Strategies for Business Leaders

Course Starts: 12th February 2021


Admission: Open

Delivery type

Classroom in your city

Course Duration

6 Months

Deadline to apply

29th November 2020

Course fee

₹ 3,44,000 +GST

Class timings

Fridays: 6:45 p.m. to 9:45 p.m.

Course Overview

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” – Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric

The potent opportunities available in a high growth economy amidst global disruptions encourage business leaders to craft and execute business strategies for sustained growth. Growth, however, poses several challenges and successful management of growth strategies require careful crafting by leaders. The growth strategies should directly be derived from the vision of the organisation, since strategies are intended to fulfil organisational goals and mission to achieve it. This programme is aimed at addressing such concerns so that business leaders can make more deliberated choices around options of growth.

Programme Overview

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”
– Warren G. Bennis

Executive Programme in Growth Strategies for Business Leaders (EPGSBL), is a six-month programme offered by Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC), which is designed with a strategy eye, and a ‘general management’ focus. It will deal explicitly with issues of power, control and governance, including designing of such systems as to enable the realization of desired control. Managing and designing the internal systems and environment of the organisation as well as designing inter-organisational cooperation and coordination arrangements will be major focus areas of the programme. Managing growth is not just about financial performance, but extends far beyond into managing identities, aspirations, expectations of various stakeholders around an organisation.

Programme Objectives

  • Developing a strategic perspective on aspiring for and executing organisational growth.
  • Understanding strategic dimensions of growth – especially appreciating differences between conflicts, contests and cooperation underlying growth processes.
  • Learning to design organisations that are resilient to complexities induced by growth processes.
  • Appreciating various forms of inter-organisational cooperation underlying rapid growth processes.
  • Appreciating the softer dimensions of growth – managing identities and aspirations.

Programme Highlights

  • Opportunity to be a part of IIM Calcutta, ranked 3rd best B-School in India
  • IIM Calcutta certification upon successful completion of the programme
  • IIM Calcutta Executive Education Alumni status
  • 3-day on-campus learning experience at IIM Calcutta
  • Peer learning & networking opportunities through rich student profile
  • Comprehensive curriculum designed by domain experts at IIM Calcutta
  • Specifically designed for experienced business leaders
  • Enhances managerial and leadership capabilities of participants
  • Live lectures via Interactive Learning (IL) platform
  • Easy access to learning from your location of work/stay

Course Detail

Module 1

The programme will have 4 main modules.


  • Analytical clarity to chart a growth path
  • Linking growth and profitability
  • Business Model Innovation as growth driver
  • Non-Linear Growth in Platforms
  • Anticipating and dealing with conflicts and cooperation in growth path
Module 2


  • Organizing to leverage innovation
  • Organization designing for implementing growth and scaling
  • Designs for building agility for a VUCA world
  • Sourcing, evaluating and scaling new ideas in organizations, Locating, creating, managing and supporting the innovator in the organization, Ambidexterity and dynamic capabilities
Module 3


  • Managing competitive and cooperative relations in value chains
  • Managing inter-firm relations
  • Managing alliances and joint ventures
  • Competing to set industry Standards (Standard Races)
  • Governing ecosystem for orchestrating growth along preferred paths
Module 4


  • Negotiating and managing stakeholder expectations, managing trade-off’s between the long and the short-term expectations
  • Building capabilities inside organizations and in ecosystem partners
  • Building and managing organizational identities

The programme will ensure intensive immersion through the Interactive Learning (IL) platform as well as one in-campus module at IIM Calcutta. Teaching methodologies include

  • Online lectures
  • Case Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Intensive and integrated faculty-guided project work on a live case/problem spread across the course duration
  • On-campus face-to-face sessions
  • Guest lectures from practitioners
  • Simulation
Programme Delivery
  • Studio-to-classroom mode via online audio/video interactive platform
  • The programme will be delivered through classes held at Times Centres once a week. The class schedule will be decided in consultation with the Programme Directors, IIMC
In-campus module
  • Face-to-face sessions at IIM Calcutta campus that offers a great learning experience along with direct faculty interaction, peer-learning and networking opportunity.
  • Attending it is mandatory for the successful completion of the programme.
  • There will be one campus visit at IIM Calcutta campus: a 3-day visit at the end of the programme.
Pan India Network of Learning Centres

Candidates can attend online lectures at 70 state-of-the-art TSW Learning Centres located in 45 cities across India.

Class Schedule

One class of 3 hour-duration held every Friday from 6:45 PM to 9:45 PM.

Who Should Attend

Senior and middle level managers and profit centre heads would find the programme particularly useful. Working professionals wishing to participate in the programme need to have a minimum experience of 10 years. Managers with longer and broader experience would benefit more from the programme.

Eligibility Criteria

Working executives who are graduates (10+2+3 or equivalent)/post graduates in any discipline with minimum 50% marks, with an experience profile of at least 10 years after graduation are eligible.

Eligible candidates will be selected on the basis of assessment of educational and professional background and motivation based on the application form submitted. Senior applicants with experience would be preferred.

Programme Directors

Assessment & Certification


The first component of evaluation in this programme would be ONLINE EXAMINATIONS/QUIZZES, assignements, written tests, etc., during the middle and/or end of each module. The scores will cumulate to generate a performance grade for each participant.

The second component of evaluation will be performance in the group PROJECT where each center-specific group will take up a real-life case/problem and analyze it using tools/concepts covered in the course to provide a hands-on experience. Work on this project wil be carried out throughout the duration of the course under close guidance of the programme directors and a final presentation made at the end of the programme.


At the end of the programme, eligible students will receive a certificate of completion of the programme from IIM Calcutta, along with a grade sheet carrying grade of the continuous evaluations (quiz based) and the project.

Attending all campus visits is a mandatory requirement for successful completion of the programme. Giving feedback is an integral part of programme completion.

Date and Fees

Programme Fee Structure
Domestic International
Registration Fee INR 8500 + GST INR 9500 + GST
Processing Fee INR 20,000 + GST (Processing fee contains INR 8,500 towards registration fee & INR 11,500 towards the programme fees. Processing fee of INR 20,000 is refundable in case the participant’s profile is rejected by IIM Calcutta) INR 20,000 + GST (Processing fee contains INR 9,500 towards registration fee & INR 10,500 towards the programme fees. Processing fee of INR 20,000 is refundable in case the participant’s profile is rejected by IIM Calcutta)
Programme Fee* INR 3,20,000 + GST INR 4,00,000 + GST
Campus Visit* INR 24,000 + GST INR 24,000 + GST
Total Fees (Excluding registration fee and on-campus stay) INR 3,44,000 + GST INR 4,24,000 + GST
Off-Campus Stay

  • Candidates will have the option of making their own stay arrangements during the campus modules
  • They will be required to opt for this option at the time of registering for the programme. No change will be allowed later.
  • The campus visit fee for participants staying off campus during the campus modules will be INR 5000/- per day plus GST. Total Amount to be paid: INR 15,000+GST
  • IIMC can accommodate only 75 participants for the stay in campus and it will be allocated on first cum first serve basis, remaining participants have to stay outside of the campus and they will have to make their own arrangements.

Collection of Fee:
Fees is collected in name of BCCL(TPL)

Instalment Schedule for Programme Fee
Installment I Installment II Installment III Installment IV
Date At the time of registration Within one week of offer rollout date 10th March, 2021 10th May, 2021 10th June, 2021
Amount for Domestic Participants INR 11,500 + GST INR 68,500 + GST INR 80,000 + GST INR 80,000 + GST INR 80,000 + GST
Amount for International Participants INR 10,500 + GST/td>

INR 89,500 + GST INR 1,00,000 + GST INR 1,00,000 + GST INR 1,00,000 + GST
Instalment Schedule for Campus Fee
Campus Visit 1
Date To be paid 45 days prior to campus scheduled date
Amount to be paid in case of opting in-campus stay INR 24,000 +GST
Amount to be paid in case off-campus stay INR 15,000 + GST
Programme Schedule
Application Closure Date 29th November, 2020
Date of 1st Installment Within one week of offer rollout date
Technical Orientation February 2021
Academic Orientation 12th February 2021
Program End Date August, 2021