IIM Calcutta LEAD: An Advanced Management Programme

Course Starts: Tentative Start date - Aug 2020


Admission: Coming Soon

Delivery type

In Person / On-Campus

Course Duration

12 Months

Deadline to apply

Tentative Start date - Aug 2020

Course fee

Rs.6,02,500 /- + Applicable Tax

Class timings

To Be Determined

Course Overview

Programme Overview

LEAD (Learn | Enhance | Aspire | Deliver) is an innovative programme that leverages IIM Calcutta’s distinctive strength in blending theory and practice to offer business leaders an opportunity to contemporize their managerial capabilities and to sharpen their leadership acumen. LEAD is aimed at senior executives who aspire to head dynamic, industry-shaping enterprises.

Programme Highlights

• Learning through a balance of cutting-edge management theories
• Certificate of completion by IIM Calcutta
• Networking opportunities with professionals across various industries
• IIM Calcutta Executive Education Alumni Status
• Personal development through reflection and feedback
• Face-to-Face sessions with senior faculty by IIM Calcutta

Course Detail

The one-year course is divided into 4 modules, one module per each quarter.


The first module, LEARN, aims to help participants gain an executive perspective on the four functional capabilities every business leader should master.

The second module seeks to ENHANCE participants’ cognitive capacity by exposing them to experts on higher-order managerial capabilities such as design thinking and strategic analysis.

Subsequently, the third module, ASPIRE, hopes to foster an urge amongst participants to tackle contemporary challenges in management by imbibing, for example, an appreciation for the digital disruption across industries and the ongoing character of innovation in organizations.

Finally, in the fourth module, participants gain insights on how to DELIVER distinctive execution inside organizations through a deep immersion in lectures, exercises, and case discussions around themes such as leadership and change, and through workshops with present or past CEOs and other champions reflecting on their experiences.

Content Break-up
Mastering Finance Innovation and financial structure of corporations
Leveraging Marketing Market segmentation and product positioning
Building Operational Excellence Managing value chains and product innovation
Developing Human Resources Understanding organizational culture
Design Thinking Blending design thinking and analytical thinking
Talent for Negotiation Identifying effective bargaining styles
Management of Self Managing differences in organizational contexts
Being a Strategist Modes of strategic thinking, identifying privileged positioning
Attaining Customer-Centricity Principles of customer relationship management
Renewing through Innovation Innovation and competitive advantage, imbibing a startup mind-set
Competing in the Digital Age The digital revolution and its implications for the organization of work
Building a Global Organization Assessing country risk, engaging with cultural differences
Practicing Leadership Understanding leadership styles
Managing Change Understanding organizational inertia
Unleashing Growth Strategic decisions of acquisition and strategic alliances
The CEO Looks Back Talks by and interaction with current and past CEOs

The pedagogy will involve IIM Calcutta’s distinctive portfolio method, which uses a variety of pedagogies, including case discussions, lectures, and experiential exercises, depending upon the specific learning objective.

Programme Delivery

The sessions will be delivered through face-to-face sessions at IIM Calcutta campus. There will be specific assignments that each candidate has to undertake between two modules.

Class/Programme Schedule

Frequency: One campus module per quarter of 5 or 6 days duration each at IIM Calcutta campus.
Duration: Four successive modules of 5 days, 6 days, 6 days, and 5 days respectively. A total of 22 days during the year.

1st Campus Visit 2st Campus Visit 3st Campus Visit 4st Campus Visit
Since the country is facing a lockdown situation due to COVID-19, and IIMC – LEAD is completely a classroom-based programme, the exact dates will be announced after the lockdown is lifted.
Who Should Attend

LEAD (Learn | Enhance | Aspire | Deliver), the advanced management programme, is designed for experienced senior executives in industry-leading enterprises as well as for proprietors of growing businesses seeking to renew their business knowledge and managerial capabilities and sharpen their leadership acumen.

Eligibility Criteria

Executives with minimum 15 years of experience in reputed organizations
Proprietor/Director of large corporations (with turnover not less than INR 500 crore).

Attendance Criteria

Attending all four campus modules is a mandatory requirement for completing the programme.

Programme Directors

Assessment and Certification

Assessment of the participants is done through Assignments at the end of each module.Participants will be evaluated on the basis of their (a) Learning Diary, where they would record their thoughts on the learning during the programme and how these learning relate to the world of practice and their own managerial experience and (b) Organizational Manifesto, where the participants would frame a brief note at the start of the programme on a specific goal they would like their organization to pursue, and submit a detailed note at the end of the programme on how exactly the said goal can be pursued, based on the learning from the programme. All participants would be awarded one of the following grades: “Excellent”; “Good”; “Fair”; or “Poor”.

Candidates will successfully complete the programme if they have completed all requirements of the programme including those pertaining to attendance and evaluation. Successful candidates will receive a certificate of completion from IIM Calcutta. Those with requisite participation but unable to complete successfully will receive a certificate of participation. Giving feedback is an integral part of the completion requirements of the programme.

Dates and Fees

Programme Fee Structure
Application Fee (taxes extra) INR 2,500/-
Programme Fee (Taxes extra) INR 4,24,000/-
Campus Visit (Taxes extra) INR 1,76,000/-
Total Fee INR 6,02,500/- + Applicable tax
Collection of Fee: Programme Fee will be collected by TSW.
Instalment Schedule
Date Since the country is facing a lockdown situation due to COVID-19, and IIMCs LEAD is completely a classroom-based programme, the exact dates will be announced after the lockdown is lifted.