IIM Lucknow General Management Programme for IT Professionals

Course Starts:


Admission: Open

Delivery Type

Classroom to Device

Course Duration

7 Months

Deadline to Apply

29th November 2020

Course Fee

INR 2,30,000 + GST

Class Timings

Saturday: 10:00 AM to 01:15 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM to 01:15 PM

Course Overview

The General Management Programme for IT Professionals from IIM Lucknow aims to rewrite the algorithm of growth in your career by programming you to imbibe and inculcate contemporary management principles for faster and better career development. It aims to update your knowledge and upgrade your skills to transform you into a business leader with the ability to envision the bigger picture and deliver value for your organisation.

Programme Highlights

  • Comprehensive and contemporary management education custom-designed for IT professionals
  • 7-month programme with 159 hours of online and on-campus learning
  • Ideal for working executives to access learning delivered Direct-to-Device (D2D)
  • Combination of diverse pedagogical tools and techniques to ensure transformative learning
  • Three-hour sessions held twice a week plus 4 days of on-Campus instruction at IIM Lucknow
  • IIM Lucknow Executive Education Alumni status leading to peer networking opportunities

Programme Curriculum

Module 1

  • Organisational Behaviour
    • Personality and Values, Emotions and Moods, Perception and Individual Decision Making and Motivation
    • Group Dynamics, Understanding Teams: Leadership, Power and Politics
  • Management Accounting
    • Financial Reporting and Analysis
    • Understanding the Financial Statements
    • Preparation of Financial Statements
    • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Marketing Management
    • Creating customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty
    • Marketing plan & capturing marketing insights
    • Marketing channels: distribution and sales management
    • Sales Promotion
  • Managerial Economics
    • Demand and Supply
    • Market Equilibrium and Price Formation
    • Market Demand Function and Variables
    • Price and Income Elasticity
    • Production and Cost
    • Alternative Market Structure and Pricing of Firm

Module 2

  • Operation and Supply Chain Management
    • Operations Management: Function/ Role significance
    • Operations Strategy and Competitiveness
    • Scheduling of Operations
    • Logistics & Supply Chain Concepts & Strategy
  • Business Communication
    • Effective communication concepts
    • Persuasion and influence strategies
    • Business writing
    • Non-verbal communication & presentation skills
    • Cross cultural communication
  • Operation Research
    • Linear programming, simulation
    • Decision analysis
    • Goal programming
    • Integer programming
  • Data Analytics and Emerging Technology
    • Business Analytics
    • Digital Transformation
    • SMAC
    • Artificial Intelligence

Module 3

  • Strategic Management
    • Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage,
    • Strategic Intent: Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives
    • External Analysis- PEST analysis; Industry Structure Analysis
    • Core Competencies
    • Corporate Strategy and Implementation
  • Macroeconomic Environment
    • Understanding Macroeconomic Environment
    • Measuring Macroeconomy: Circular Flow and National Income, Inflation, Interest Rate and
    • Unemployment, Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
    • Stabilizing Short-Run Economic and Business Fluctuations: Monetary and Fiscal Policy tools
    • Balance of Payments, Trade & exchange rate
  • Financial Management
    • Corporate Finance, Time Value of Money, Applications of TVM in Corporate Finance, Capital Budgeting
    • Introduction to Risk & Return
    • Cost of Capital
    • Financing decisions, Dividend Theory and Policy
    • Short Term Financing and Working Capital Management
    • Operating and Cash Cycle
  • Corporate Law
    • IPR, Copyright, Patents
  • Capstone Project

Course Details

On-Campus Sessions

The programme includes 4 days of on-campus, face-to-face interaction with the programme faculty at IIM Lucknow. A 3-day session towards the middle of the programme will be followed by a 1-day session towards the end of the programme.


The course will be taught with the help of case studies, live corporate examples and discussions. In order to provide greater industry insights, business leaders from different industries may be invited to share their experiences.

  • The programme will be delivered in synchronous learning mode through an Interactive Learning platform
  • Live online classes will be streamed Direct-to-Device (D2D) and can be accessed through desktop, laptop or smartphone
  • 2 campus visits of 3 days and 1 day towards the middle and end of the programme at IIM Lucknow campus
Eligibility Criteria
  • Graduation in discipline related to Computer Science/IT/ Electronics and relevant work experience of minimum 3 years
  • Graduates from disciplines other than Computer Science/IT/Electronics and having relevant work experience of 5 years
  • 3 years full time diploma holders (10+2+3) from a recognised institute and having relevant work experience of 5 years
Admission Criteria

Students would be selected on the basis of their application forms and Statement of Purpose submitted along with the application.

Class Schedule

The programme will be conducted over a period of 7 months with frequency of classes held twice a week.

Saturday: 10:00 AM to 01:15 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM to 01:15 PM


Candidates meeting requisite attendance requirements and clearing the comprehensive evaluation will be awarded ‘Certificate of Successful Completion’
from IIM Lucknow. ‘Certificate of Participation’ will be awarded in case participant does not fulfill requisite criteria.

Programme Fees & Important Dates

Registration Fee INR 7,000 + GST
Processing Fee INR 10,000 * + GST
Programme Fee INR 2,30,000 + GST
IIM MDP Alumni fees (Optional) *Not part of the fee INR 10,000 + GST
Total (Without Registration Fee and Alumni Fees) INR 2,30,000 + GST
* Processing fee contains INR 7,000 towards registration fee & INR 3,000 towards the total programme fees which will be adjusted in 1st instalment.
Payment Schedule

* IIML MDP Alumni Fee of Rs. 10,000 +GST will be collected in 3rd Instalment and is optional for the participants.** Effective 1st Instalment after deducting INR 3,000 received at time of application (INR 80,000 – INR 3,000 = INR 77,000)

Instalment Instalment I Instalment II Instalment III
Date Within 15 days from offer rollout date 10th February,
10 th May, 2021
Amount INR 80,000** INR 80,000** INR 70,000**
Important Dates
Application Closure Date 29th November, 2020
First installment date Within 7 days of offer rollout date

List of Selected Candidates On Rolling Basis
Date for Campus Visit TBD
Academic Orientation Date 20th December, 2020
Programme End Date July 2021