Companies have been fighting to get a competitive advantage over each other in terms of profitable growth, market share and product differentiation. The market today is filled with companies competing with each other. Is this really profitable for growth?

INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy offers you a new perspective on strategy formulation & execution. With concepts, tools and frameworks, Blue Ocean Strategy helps create uncontested market space to help you make competition irrelevant. It offers insights on modern strategy building techniques, and focuses on use of BOS concepts, tools and frameworks in order to break free from competition.

Created by INSEAD professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, Blue Ocean Strategy was made with the idea to create uncontested market space for growth.

Who Can Attend

  • This programme is especially relevant if you are seeking to break out of the traditional ‘red’ ocean of competition and wish to create strong profitable growth for your organisation in existing and new markets.
  • It will benefit you if you are a senior executive, business owner, head of strategy or an executive from mid- to upper-level management directly involved in the development of new product and service offerings.
  • While individual applications are welcome, you are encouraged to apply and attend the programme along with colleagues from your organisation (up to six people) for effective implementation of the learnings at the organizational level.

Key Benefits

Acquire an in-depth understanding of Blue Ocean Strategy tools and concepts developed at INSEAD

Learn how to engage your colleagues in a Blue Ocean Strategy process

Start developing Blue Ocean Strategy for your organisation in order to break away from the competition through ‘Value Innovation’, the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost


Learn fundamental differences between Red Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Strategy with respect to value innovation reconstructing market boundaries, customers vs. non-customers.

The focus of traditional competitive strategy is built on several principles aimed principally at beating the competition. Benchmarking the competition in this race towards operational excellence ultimately results in managers becoming obsessed about the competitors’ every move, leading to products and services that all look alike. The result: vicious competition, frequent price wars, loss of market share and dwindling profitability. This is what we call the “Red Ocean”.

Blue Ocean leads managers to acquire a very different mindset by freeing them from several of the traditional competitive strategy tenets that act as blockages to strategic innovation. You will explore the Blue Ocean framework to learn how to value innovate and create new market space for your company.

Blue Ocean Strategy focuses on people, implying the need of strong people proposition that is aligned with a value proposition & profit proposition and fair processes.

Course Delivery

INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy is an intensive 2-day programme featuring a mix of lectures, discussions, and case analysis. You are encouraged to come with a specific challenge that you would like to work on during the programme.

Dates : 19th & 20th November, 2018
Location : Mumbai

Programme Fee

Programme Duration

2 Days



Program Fee

Rs. 2.75 Lakhs + Taxes

Faculty Profile


Professor Chen has taught BOS in a variety of programmes from the top-ranking INSEAD MBA programmes to various executive programmes, including several groups of executives from India. Professor Chen received his PhD on Strategic Management from the Pennsylvania State University

Learner’s Speaks

INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy- INDIA Edition

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