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Course Duration

12 Months

Deadline to Apply

15th May, 2022

Course Fee

2,30,000 + 4,000 (Bank charges)

Class Timings

Saturday, First Session: 12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.
Saturday, Second Session: 01:30 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Programme Overview

Programme Content

The programme comprises the following topics. Each session shall be of 75 minutes duration.

a. Segmentation
b. Pricing
c. Distribution
d. Promotion

a. SWOT analysis
b. Target market selection
c. Market mix strategy formation
d. Marketing tactics development

a. Quantitative techniques
b. Qualitative and interpretative approaches

a. Foundational psychological, sociological and cultural theories to understand behaviour of consumers

a. Gain customer insights
b. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing tactics
c. Use data insights to plan your marketing strategy

a. Learn the strategies and tactics to build, measure, and manage brand equity

a. Develop new and improved products
b. Innovate and manage product development process

a. Design of distribution of channels
b. Pricing management

a. Understand the critical nature of integrated marketing communications
b. Key elements of an effective marketing communication mix
c. Understand how to develop an effective integrated communication strategy

a. Search engine opimisation and marketing
b. Learn about paid media and owned media
c. Social media marketing

a. Define the new customer-purchasing journey
b. Identify and influence the new consumer
c. Learn how you differentiate from the competition
d. Learn to apply experience design thinking to create a customer experience strategy

a. Cognitive neuroscience based on behavioral decision theories
b. Consumer decision-making

a. Creating marketing vision
b. Understand the evolution of "multi-channel retailing" to "omnichannel retailing"
c. How combining traditional and digital brings marketing success

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Prof. Sanjeev Tripathi

Prof. Sanjeev Tripathi

An alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, Prof. Tripathi is an Associate Professor at IIM Indore. Prior to working with IIM Indore, Prof. Tripathi has worked at IIM Ahmedabad and MICA. Prior to his academic career, he has worked with Nielsen. He was also associated with the Indian Railways where he worked in diverse functions such as operations, logistics, production, procurement, etc., and led large multi-functional teams. His research interests are in the areas of Consumer Behaviour, Behavioural Pricing, Sports Marketing and Sports Management. His teaching interests are in the areas of Pricing, Sports Marketing, Neuromarketing and Strategic Marketing. His research has been published in a number of reputed international journals and he has presented his research papers at various international conferences. Prof. Tripathi is an avid case writer and he has developed more than 15 management cases that are registered at IIM Ahmedabad and at Ivey. He has also co-authored a management book published by Tata-McGraw Hill. Prof. Tripathi is the foremost academician in India in the domain of Sports Marketing and Sports Management. He has designed and runs a course in Sports Marketing at various IIMs since last five years.

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