Programme Type

Direct to Device


10 months

Closure Date

29th May, 2022


₹ 2,12,500 + GST (Including Application & Alumni Fees)

Class Timings

Saturday : 9:30 a.m. – 01.00 p.m.


The Executive Programme in Sales & Marketing (EPSM)

Programme Content

The programme will be divided in three modules:

1. Introduction to Marketing Management
The objective of this module is to develop the participants’ analytical skills, conceptual abilities, and substantive knowledge in the field of marketing management. It seeks to achieve the stated objectives by helping them undergo meaningful exercises in decision making in a variety of real-life marketing situations, but not limited to:

  • Understanding the marketing environment
  • Sales vs marketing
  • Holistic marketing concept
  • Market analysis and Porter’s Model
  • STP Strategy

2. Understanding your Consumers
The objective of this module is to develop the participants’ analytical skills, conceptual abilities and substantive knowledge in the field of marketing management. It seeks to help marketers undergo meaningful exercises in decision making in a variety of real-life marketing situations through an in-depth understanding of:

  • Motivation
  • Learning
  • Attitude
  • Information processing
  • Personality traits

3. Marketing Research and Analytics
The objective of this module is to develop the participants’ appreciation for the field of marketing research. It seeks to achieve the objectives by helping the participants understand why we need to do marketing research and how is it done? It shall cover various topics such as:

  • Marketing research process
  • Problem formulation
  • Research design & methodology
  • Data analysis

1. B2B Sales and Marketing
The objective of this module is to help participants appreciate the importance and differences between consumer markets and business markets. It seeks to provide and detailed understanding on the specificities of B2B sales and marketing theories and techniques covering, but not limited to:

  • B2B buying process
  • Salesforce enablement and development
  • Key account management
  • B2B marketing in the digital age

2. Channel Design and Distribution Management
To provide participants with an understanding of the important role that the distributors and distribution activities play in organizational success. It seeks to highlight the major decision areas to develop a robust distribution network and to provide analytical frameworks and approaches that will facilitate decision making

  • Channel design conflicts and issues
  • Evaluating, motivating, and controlling channel members
  • Distribution strategies
  • Differences in the urban and rural distribution
  • Optimising distribution channels

3. Brand Management
Understand the core concepts of Brand Management and Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). Develop competitive and positioning strategies and to select the target audience(s) for the IMC campaign plan.

  • Fundamentals of branding
  • Branding architecture
  • Choosing a marketing communications mix
  • Structuring an IMC campaign
  • Brand equity

1. Strategic planning for competitive advantage
This module has been designed to familiarize participants with the strategic and holistic aspects of marketing, their practical implications in real world. This includes:

  • The role of marketing and strategy in the overall corporate planning process.
  • How different functions of marketing viz, product, price, sales, distribution, and promotion can be applied practically
  • Making the leap from a subjective marketing performer to effective strategic marketing performance
  • Building customer-centric strategies
  • Sustainable marketing practices

2. Digital and Social Media Marketing
The Internet may be accessed through a variety of devices, including mobile phone, tablets, or personal computers. The Internet (and accessing it through various devices), today, is an important component of any company’s channel mix or media mix. The access and use of the Internet also give rise to content that is digital in nature, and often imbue an essence that is significantly different from traditional marketing channels and approaches. Therefore, an in-depth understanding is essential for harnessing the marketing potential that this maturing medium offers. The opportunities, problems, tactics, and strategies associated with incorporating the Internet into the marketing function are examined.

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO),
  • Advertising on the internet (PPC, PPM),
  • Social media marketing,
  • Social media ROI, e-mail marketing, and web analytics

3. Online vs offline Retailing
Understand the linkage of Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Retail Strategy both in the offline and online mode. Make the participants aware about different Strategic Retail interventions and their economic potential. Facilitate good understanding of present Retail Scenario in the e-Commerce era.

  • Fundamentals of retail
  • Retails formats
  • Merchandising
  • Location & layout
  • Omnichannel strategies

The project as a synthesis of the various concepts learned so far and applied to an actual sales and marketing problem.

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Dr. Ashish Dubey

Dr. Ashish Dubey

Associate Professor Marketing, IIM Lucknow

Dr. Ashish Dubey is a faculty member in the Marketing Area of IIM Lucknow. He has around 15 years of Academic and Industry experience in the fields of Marketing , Retailing and Supply Chain Management. He has a good ability to connect and apply management theory and research to practice which is demonstrated in terms of his academic interests and industry assignments. He has worked in India and in the Middle-East region in various sectors like Retailing, Consulting and Telecom. He is also actively involved in mentoring a few startups initiated by graduates of IITs & IIMs. He has Ph.D. in Management from SJMSOM, IIT Bombay and he has publications in International Journals and National and International Conferences. He has lived and worked in different states and cultures across India and Middle East.

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