MIT Design Thinking

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In Person / On-Campus

Course Duration

2-3 Days of workshop

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Course fee

₹ 1,50,000

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Course Overview

The MIT Professional Education’s mission is to provide a gateway to renowned MIT research, knowledge, and expertise for those engaged in science and technology worldwide, through advanced education programs designed for working professionals. The programs are delivered by MIT faculty and promote technical excellence through ongoing educational engagement with communities of practice. Drawing faculty from multiple schools at MIT, Professional Education supports the development of innovative leaders equipped to address today’s complex problems.

Programme Overview

The Design-driven Leadership program is designed to help executives learn design-driven innovation by demonstrating how it positively affects every facet or service by encouraging and guiding innovation, empathy, execution, and delivery.

Drawing on the resources of MIT’s Integrated Design & Management curriculum and its new Integrated Design Lab (ID Lab), the course combines intuitive methods taught in the world’s best design schools with systematic, analytical methods for which MIT is world renowned.

Participants will learn how to enable an action-based organisational culture that is empathy generated, trial and error encouraged, and where failure is celebrated as a source of learning—resulting in successful innovations. They will also learn strategic and hands-on techniques for structured exploration through prototyping. By applying a design-centred approach to leadership, participants will be able to conceive of radically innovative solutions to multifaceted problems, create a vision that gets a buy-in from senior management and colleagues, and create solutions that people love both emotionally and intellectually.

Learning Outcomes

Individual participants and teams attending from the same organisation will:

  • Learn a shared process for solving hard-to-define problems
  • Engage in both hands-on and analytical approach to problem solving through robust design process
  • Explore and practice the skill of empathy in understanding the needs and desires of consumers
  • Learn practical, hands-on strategies for concept generation and product prototyping
  • Provide vision and build consensus in the development of new products and services
  • Acquire tools for creating a more collaborative, innovative, and less risk-averse corporate culture
  • Learn how to work across functions using an integrated approach to break down silos
  • Gain a deeper understanding and credibility among peers working in different areas such as Marketing, Design, Engineering, etc.
  • Acquire new frameworks for communicating among and across divisions
Curriculum and Schedule

Day 1

  • Design Process – Human centred-driven, technology-driven, design-driven, the power of design, good design and its contributions
  • Exercise: Exploration and Empathy – Participant groups perform interviews and observation (primary research)
  • Lecture: Expression – The power of expression, creating vision, consensus, storytelling, methods and tools
  • Exercise: Expression – Create needs list, create personas, image boards, photo essay
  • Presentations & Debrief
Day 2
  • Lecture: Creating – Creating functional and emotional value, strategy, salt shooter case, concept selection methods
  • Concept Selection Exercise – Learn systematic selection methods (DFV & needs based)
  • Exercise: Creating Emotional Value – Create a functional and beautiful product (lamp shade) using concept generation principles, mood boards, selection processes
  • Lunch
  • Exercise: Creating Emotional Value continued – Create a functional and beautiful product (lamp shade)
  • Design Review – Go from team to team and critique designs
  • Debrief & Reflection
Who Should Attend

This program provides a shared process for problem solving and consensus building that can be applied to many roles in organisations and industries. Ideal participants include:

  • Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs seeking new solutions and products
  • Executives in leadership roles
  • Product Development Managers and Engineers
  • Individuals and teams looking to create a more experimental and less risk-averse corporate culture when they return to work
  • Individuals and teams working for more siloed organisations and seeking integrated approaches for communication and innovation across teams


Programme Fees

INR 150,000/- plus applicable taxes