Wharton Advanced Finance Programme

Course Starts:


Admission: Closed

Delivery type

In Person / On-Campus

Course Duration

2 Years

Deadline to apply


Course fee

USD 69,000

Class timings


Course Overview

The Advanced Finance Program provides an exclusive, tailored learning journey that allows participants to accelerate their learning development in a way that complements their current knowledge base and helps them meet career goals. The courses are taught by the same faculty who teach in Wharton’s top-ranked MBA programs. Also, the learning environment in many of the finance programs is further enriched by renowned industry leaders and experts who reveal best practices and share highly relevant experiences from the industry front lines.

Programme Overview

The Wharton Advanced Finance Program (AFP) is a unique, world-class opportunity for senior-level executives and high-potential professionals to learn and master finance. Throughout the learning journey, participants will experience highly personalized service from Wharton. From the application process and program selection, to executive coaching and one-on-one feedback, participants will have the support and guidance of world-renowned business experts at every step. A highlight of this program is the four 5-day face-to-face sessions at the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia, spaced across the duration of the course over two years. The program fees include stay and the majority of meals at the Steinberg Conference Centre, a 103-room full-service hotel and classroom facility on Penn’s campus.

Programme Highlights

AFP consists of six open-enrolment finance programs designed to be completed within two years

Flexibility of starting learning journey in a time frame that aligns with participants’ professional goals and allows to learn while working

Individual coaching and support from Wharton’s team of expert executive coaches

Highly personalised service, one-on-one feedback, and expert support and guidance

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Advanced Finance Program, participants will return to their respective organisations with:

  • Advanced financial acumen that will distinguish them professionally
  • Strategic insights that will strengthen their financial leadership skills as well as enhance their professional value to their organisation
  • An in-depth perspective on how their individual strengths and leadership style work within the culture of their organisation
  • A customized plan of action that allows them to immediately deploy technical skills and customized approaches to provide maximum results within their organization
  • Greater confidence to lead successfully in any challenge – knowing that they now have the tools to constantly build upon their strengths
  • A powerful network of peers and industry leaders from a variety of industries and business disciplines
  • A Wharton email address and Wharton alumni status with full access to Wharton Alumni Clubs and Global Alumni Forums
Pedagogy/Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a distinctive feature of the Advanced Finance Program experience. Deliberately designed and based on the latest management research, the experience will deepen the participant’s self-awareness and reveal leadership blind spots. Expertly trained, highly experienced executive coaches, who use evidence-based techniques to promote leadership development, will find the most effective methods to motivate and inspire participants. Their main objective is to help participants achieve the most impactful results in the shortest amount of time.

Delivery/Coaching Structure

On campus, 6 weeks of delivery over a period of 2 years.

Early in their learning journey, participants will begin the coaching process working with an executive coach for six sessions, over a six-month period, with each session building upon their previous learning.

Executive coaching starts with an assessment. Through this process, participants will gain an increased self-awareness of their leadership skills. They will better understand their strengths as well as key competency areas that need development. All participants, along with their designated coaches, will analyse their feedback data, as well as their professional work experience, current challenges, and career objectives. From there, the coach will help the participant develop a customized plan designed to advance leadership skills and achieve professional goals. The coach will be the participants’ accountability partner in achieving successful development, helping them stay on track and measure their progress.

Who Should Attend

The Advanced Finance Program is for senior-level executives and high-potential professionals who wish to accelerate their career development in the area of modern finance. This program is for executives working in roles where they need to significantly expand their understanding of finance or whose career mobility demands greater expertise. Ideal participants will have significant career and academic achievement and will currently be on a career progression that has involved consistently increasing levels of responsibility.


Programme Fees

Application Fee: USD 125 plus applicable taxes

Tuition Fee: USD 69,000 (inclusive of stay and meals for four 5-day sessions at the Wharton campus in Philadelphia.)