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Course Overview

Wharton’s online Leadership and Management Certificate program is designed to unlock participants’ executive potential. As they progress through the four-course certificate program, they will gain insights from some of the world’s foremost business experts and learn critical skills needed to manage, lead and succeed in today’s complex business environment. The flexibly-paced online executive leadership certificate program will enable participants to learn cutting-edge management concepts from world-class Wharton faculty.

Programme Overview

“The latest evidence on what it takes to become a better leader might surprise you.”

— Adam Grant, PhD, Wharton Professor of Management and University of Pennsylvania Professor of Psychology, and best-selling author
The Leadership and Management Certificate is designed to help executives across the organization reach new levels of success. Both individuals and larger teams can learn cutting-edge management concepts from world-class Wharton faculty. For companies looking to achieve and increase competitive advantage, this certificate program is an effective way to scale learning for maximum impact.

Programme Highlights

Modular course structure with the option of choosing modules as per need and interest

Self-paced online learning with the convenience of flexible start dates

Interaction with world-class faculty and fellow high-potential learners from around the world

Individual coaching and support from Wharton’s team of expert executive coaches

Highly personalised service, one-on-one feedback, and expert support and guidance

Course Detail

Course 1 – Leadership in the 21st Century

The attitudes, assumptions and dynamics of employees in today’s workplace are more varied than perhaps ever before. Today’s successful leaders are those who create positive, productive and responsive organizational cultures for their people. But with such varied perspectives, what cultural considerations make the most sense for an organization?
Leadership in the 21st Century will teach you how to create an environment where your employees can thrive and step up to meet stretch goals for the organization. Led by some of the world’s most acclaimed professors, including Adam Grant, Sigal Barsade, Katherine Klein and Nancy Rothbard, the program exposes executives to cutting-edge research on the qualities and behaviors of both successful and unsuccessful work environments and how this research can be applied to practical, real-life workplace situations.
This inspirational program culminates in an understanding of making change for the better and how such change can propel your organization into the future.

Course Modules
  • Engaging Hearts and Minds
  • Understanding Work Styles and Cultivating Originality
  • Purpose-Driven Leadership
  • Organizational Culture and Culture Change
Participants will learn how to:
  • Better engage their employees
  • Foster creativity among individuals and teams
  • Identify ‘givers’, ‘takers’ and ‘matchers’
  • Lead with purpose
  • Create a culture that encourages success
Course 2 – Managing and Motivating Talent

People are the most valuable asset of any business, but they are also the most unpredictable and, often, the most difficult to manage. Talent management is a key strategy to the health and growth of successful organizations. Are your managers getting the training they need to make good management decisions?

In Managing and Motivating Talent, award-winning authors and renowned management professors Michael Useem and Peter Cappelli have designed this course to introduce you to the key elements of managing talent and motivating people.

By the end of this course, you’ll have developed the skills you need to start motivating, organizing, and rewarding people in your organization so that you can thrive as a business and as a social organization. Scaling this important learning throughout the organization provides leadership with a consistent framework for cross-divisional talent management.

Course Modules
  • Motivation and Reward
  • Tasks, Jobs and Systems of Work
  • Making Good and Timely Management Decisions
  • Designing and Changing the Organization’s Architecture
Participants will learn how to:
  • Engage and motivate employees
  • Better manage employee performance and evaluation
  • Create incentive and reward systems
  • Design jobs for greater performance and effectiveness
  • Create an optimal organizational architecture for your company
Course 3 – Managing the Global Firm

Today’s markets are fast-moving, interconnected and global in a way that is only increasing. Ongoing changes in our world, like the rise of emerging-market multinationals, the aging population and the reconfiguration of global power relationships, result in new opportunities. How do you take advantage of these opportunities to benefit your business and get out in front of the change?

In Managing the Global Firm, world-renowned professor of management Mauro Guillén will teach you how and when to pursue these opportunities so that you can maximize profits and growth. You’ll be introduced to new decision and business models, products, and services, and learn how to use them within your organization. You’ll explore new international markets and how they evolve, and learn how to create a global structure and strategy to take advantage of these new global markets and envision the multinational firms of the future.

Course Modules
  • Global Markets and the Firm
  • International Strategies
  • Organization and Management of the International Firm
  • The Multinational Firm in the 21st Century
Participants will learn how to
  • Define and evaluate international markets
  • Understand the evolution of market trends
  • Identify the benefits of global strategy for your company
  • Quantify market trends on a global scale
Course 4 – Strategic Management: Competitive and Corporate Strategy

In an increasingly competitive global business environment, companies in all industries are striving for an edge and working to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. In a world where ‘strategy’ seems ubiquitous, how do you find your niche to truly differentiate?

Strategic Management is designed to teach you how to evaluate, develop, and execute a successful business strategy that you can implement inside and outside the organization. World-renowned management professors Harbir Singh and Nicolaj Siggelkow introduce tools and frameworks that can be put to immediate use in planning and execution. By the end of this course, you will be able to articulate your strategy, why it works, and how it will help meet your organization’s financial and marketing goals.

Course Modules
  • The Firm and the Industry
  • Industry Analysis and Competitive Dynamics
  • Corporate Strategy and Firm Scope
  • Firms in a Context
Participants will learn how to
  • Create a value chain
  • Position yourself in the market
  • Perform network and industry analyses
  • Create strategic leadership and vision
  • Optimize outsourcing, acquisitions and alliances

100% online instruction, guidance, support and feedback through dedicated access to Wharton.

Who Should Attend
  • This is a 4-month multi-modular program designed by Wharton for individuals and team players from the mid managerial level up.
  • Participants would be guided through the subtle nuances of various dimensions of Leadership, Leadership Strategy, Effective Team Handling, Team Building and Innovative Management practises.



Candidates who have successfully completed the course and fulfilled all the evaluation criteria will receive a certificate of completion from The Wharton School – Aresty Institute of Executive Education.
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INR 2,36,000*

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Group Enrolment: Create cohorts of learners within your organization.
Program Start Date: 6th December, 2019