XLRI Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management

Course Starts: 30th October 2020


Admission: Closed

Delivery type

Classroom to City/Classroom to Device

Course Duration

12 months

Deadline to apply

19th October 2020

Course fee

₹ 2,90,000 + GST

Class timings

Friday - 6:45 PM to 9:45 PM
Sunday - 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Course Overview

All the activities involved in the running of an organisation such as planning, implementation, controlling, monitoring, organising, optimising, delegating, etc., constitute business management. While the role of a business manager may vary across organisations, the main objective of any manager is to build and sustain a successful organisation. As business managers play a pivotal role in a wide range of business operations, they are required to be generalists, familiar with all the aspects of business and having the ability to orchestrate the processes across the organisation seamlessly.   Due to COVID-19, Government has advised against all kinds of public gathering till further notice. For us, safety of our learners is important and hence the programme will be delivered over Direct-to-Device platform i.e. (D2D) where you can access online interactive lectures which will get delivered on your desktop/laptop/mobile. Once the situation improves, the programme shall then be delivered at our designated Centres

Programme Overview

In today’s world, professionals across domains are expected to possess a sound knowledge and understanding of management skills in addition to their domain knowledge. The PGCBM programme has been designed with the objective of providing working professionals across various industries with an overview of fundamental management concepts, tools, and their application.

New Features

  • Separate certificates from HBS Publishing for each of the compulsory asynchronous courses
  • A revamped programme curriculum in-keeping with industry developments and requirements

Programme Content


  • Economics for Managers
  • Data Visualization & Analytics for Decision Making
  • The Indian Legal Environment
  • Accounting for Business Professionals
  • Supply Chain and Management of Operations
  • Principles of Marketing


  • Business Research Methods
  • Foundations of Business Strategy
  • Organisational Behavior
  • Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Basic Leadership Skills
  • Consumer Behaviour


  • Managing Projects
  • Digital Transformation
  • International Management
  • Managing Service Operations
  • Business Valuation
  • Product Management


  • In addition, a package of 4 self-paced courses provided by HBS Publishing as part of the Harvard Mentor Manage Package shall be provided to the students. Students shall obtain individual certificates of participation from HBS Publishing on completion of each course. For PGCBM, students will be given the following modules:

    1. Presentation Skills
    2. Writing Skills
    3. Team Management
    4. Stress Management

  • Students will be required to complete all the above self-paced courses before completion of the programme in order to be eligible for award of the PGCBM certification.

Programme Highlights

XLRI Alumni status

Recognized certification from XLRI, one of the top 10 Indian B-schools and the number one private Indian B-school

One of the most rigorous and quality online programmes in the country in management

Specifically designed for working executives with flexibility benefits of Interactive Onsite Learning

Over 7000 working professionals have participated in this programme so far and have advanced their careers within and outside their organisations

5+ years of average experience of the participants in last few batches

Quality interactions with experienced executives and peer group learning

Campus component of 5 days in the beautiful XLRI Campus in Jamshedpur

Separate certificates from HBS Publishing for each of the compulsory designated asynchronous courses

Course Detail

  • An intensive programme useful from a corporate management viewpoint
  • 12 months intense learning including a campus study module of learning at the XLRI campus
  • Project work
  • Lecture series
  • Case methods
  • Group work
  • Term papers
  • Assignments and dissertation
  • Selfpaced courses from HBS
Programme Objectives

The programme will ensure intensive immersion through the Virtual Interactive Learning (VIL) platform as well as a 5-day in-campus module at XLRI, Jamshedpur. Teaching methodologies include

  • Project work
  • Lecture Series
  • Case methods
  • Group work
  • Term papers
  • Assignments and Dissertation
  • Familiarity with various theories and practices of Business Management
  • Leadership vision with the ability to decode complex business challenges
  • Overview of latest developments in the world of business and best practices being adopted in prevalent economic conditions
  • Quality interactions with experienced executives and peer group learning
Programme Delivery
  • The sessions will be delivered on BCCL’s interactive learning platform. Instructors facilitate learning via two-way audio/video synchronous telecommunication mode from the studios set up at XLRI campus.
  • The technology allows the instructor to use slide presentations, video, audio, whiteboards, etc., to effectively communicate ideas and interact with participants.
  • Participants can attend sessions either from the classroom (Studio to Classroom – S2C) located in his/her city OR from their smart phone/tablet/laptop/desktop (Direct to Device – D2D).
  • Important – At the time of application, student has to opt for one mode, that is, either S2C or D2D. Students will be allowed to change the mode from S2C to D2D or vice versa only once during the programme without the payment of an additional fee. Thereafter, any candidate who would like to switch from D2D to S2C OR S2C to D2D, would have to pay ₹ 5000 + GST to Times TSW. Please note this is applicable only when someone opts for a change in the mode (D2D to S2C or S2C to D2D) and not on viewing the archive.
Pan India Network of Learning Centres

70 learning centres spread across 43 cities in India

Who Should Attend

Working professionals from varied backgrounds like IT, Human Resources, Marketing, Banking, Financial Services and Manufacturing.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Graduate (10+2+3 or 10+2+4) in any discipline from a recognized university.
  • Participants should have at least 12 months of work experience after graduation.
Admission Criteria

An elaborate selection process based on profile, SOP, academic performance, job responsibility, etc.

Class Schedule

The classes will be conducted twice a week

Friday 6:45 PM to 9:45 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Each class will be of 3 hours.

In-campus Module

  • The programme consists of 5 days of in-campus sessions.
  • participants are expected to stay in the campus for 5 days of intensive campus learning and group learning sessions.

Assessment and Certification

  • Evaluation Methodology includes Written Tests, Assignments, Online Examination, Quizzes, etc.
  • Evaluation method to be chosen by faculty members teaching respective courses
  • Examination papers to be set and evaluated by XLRI

After successful completion of the programme,

  • Students will be conferred with Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM) directly by XLRI Jamshedpur.
  • Students will also be accorded XLRI Executive Education Alumni status.

Dates and Fees

Fees & Payment Schedule
Application Fee INR 2,500/-*
Processing Fee (Post registering successfully, candidates are expected to make an online payment of ₹ 10,000+ GST. Processing fee contains ₹ 2,500 towards application fee & ₹7,500 towards the total course fees.) INR 10,000/-*
Total Fee (exclusive of Application Fee) INR 2,90,000/-*^

Excludes GST at 18%
^ Study material and stay at Jamshedpur during campus visits is included in Total fees
**This amount includes ₹ 2,500 + GST towards application fee. In case a candidate is not selected for admission in the programme, an amount of ₹ 7,500 + GST at the applicable rate thereon shall be refunded to the candidate. In case the candidate is selected for admission to the programme, the amount of ₹ 7,500+GST shall be adjusted towards payment of fees for the programme. The amount of ₹ 2,500 + GST towards the application fee shall not be refunded irrespective of the selection status of the candidate.

Refund Policy for Selected Candidates
In the event that candidates who have been selected for the
programme seek to withdraw from the programme, they must
apply for a refund within 15 days of receiving the offer letter of
admission from XLRI. If the application for refund is received
within this time frame, an amount of ₹ 5,000 + GST shall be
deducted from the amount paid by the candidate towards the
administrative charges and the balance shall be refunded. No
refund request shall be considered after this period of 15 days
from receiving the offer letter of admission from XLRI.

Payment Instalment Schedule

Inst 1 Inst 2 Inst 3 Inst 4 Inst 5 Inst 6
At the time of Registration 15 days after result declaration 1st Jan 2021 1st Mar 2021 1st May 2021 1st July 2021
₹ 7,500/-* ₹ 47,500/-* ₹ 70,000/-* ₹ 55,000/- ₹ 55,000/- ₹ 55,000/-

*Excludes GST at 18%

Important Dates

Application Closure Date 19th October 2020
Date of 1st Instalment Within 15 days of result declaration
Technical Orientation Oct, 2020
Programme End Date November 2021 (tentative)