Empowering Women Executives to Navigate through Managerial Positions
Empowering Women Executives To Navigate Through Managerial Positions

Empowering Women Executives to Navigate through Managerial Positions

“A mentor told me, ‘Never doubt yourself if someone else thinks you can do the job.’ – Sara Ling, Senior Manager, Knowledge and Content Management with Veritas

The United States possesses about 12.3 million women-owned trading bodies at present. According to the data from the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), in the year 2017, over 11 million United States organisations are owned and operated by women, contributing over 1.8 trillion dollars every single year, which contributes quite generously to the nation’s overall economy. The same scenario is now coming to the fore in India as well. A booming percentage of new businesses and start-ups have been initiated in India over the last few decades a substantial per cent of which belong to women entrepreneurs. The figures are certainly shattering the gender stereotypes prevailing in the nation.

Business, management, and administration have no longer remained the forte of male professionals only, but rather women executives are also making way for themselves at a swift pace. Women are adding an entirely new dimension to the definition of management leadership with their regrettably less explored corporate and business skills.

Still, what keeps female executives from exploring senior managerial positions today?

Aruna Jayanthi, CEO India Capgemini, Gargi Banerjee Koul, Founder and CEO Élanstreet.com, Roshni Nadar, Executive Director and CEO of HCL Corporation are some of the inspirational names for ambitious women population of India. Despite the progress that women have made in the domains of entrepreneurship, business leadership, and managerial accomplishments, recent surveys state that a majority of women hesitate to take up such accountabilities and roles or simply divert careers from reaching senior management positions.  Comparatively low self-reliance in business skills, unconscious biases, difficult access to finance and networks, and definitely, lack of family support emerge as some for the prime reasons for women staying behind in line when it comes to entrepreneurship and administrative roles.

Experts believe that the world of business does not run by gender typicality at any cost. It all hinges on the roots of mentalities, knowledge, insights, learning speed, capability, experiences, and most importantly, the educational background and professional training. It has nothing to do with culture, age, or gender when it comes to rising as an active and aware managerial mind in the modern business market. If these detailed but crucial gaps are fulfilled, senior management roles would no longer remain a ‘Man’s Man’s World.’

An overview of what can be done to promote female leadership in India

  • Educating and empowering women executives to develop into successful leaders

  • Tactfully creating the leadership potential from the very roots

  • Providing a strong legal perspective to working women in India

  • Inspiring women to step out of any existing boundaries to explore social dimensions

  • Enhancing their inborn interpersonal, networking skills. After all, the art of communication or handling people’s affairs is one thing that all successful leaders master in.

To aid all the ambitious women professionals in our country to bag senior management and leadership roles, the very prestigious IIM Calcutta has come up with a one-of-its-kind programme, Transitioning into Leadership – A Programme for Women Executives (TLPWE). The programme aims to equip women executives for the needs and demands of the 21st-century business world to help them secure a lucrative and long-lasting career. Delivered by Times TSW, as an exclusive delivery partner for IIM Calcutta’s TLPWE programme in India, it enriches women executives with a strong experiential and theoretical foundation that enable them to understand the underlying issues in the business world and attain a global perspective over ventures. We are now at No.1 in the country in terms of physical centers with 68 centers across the country. Join the league of the most successful women leaders with IIM Calcutta’s TLPWE programme.

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