Enhance your Key Marketing Competencies with TSW's Advanced Marketing Program
Enhance Your Key Marketing Competencies With TSW’s Advanced Marketing Program

Enhance your Key Marketing Competencies with TSW’s Advanced Marketing Program

In today fast-paced business world, getting a competitive edge in the marketplace is not that easy. You need to promote yourself in diverse ways to penetrate the industry and expand your market beyond boundaries. This is exactly where marketing comes into play. Everything from product design and promotional advertising campaigns to customer relationship and consumer research falls under the umbrella of marketing. Realizing the sheer value of marketing in the modern world, businesses today are increasingly trying to innovate, identify, and leverage various marketing strategies to promote their growth. A career in marketing is thus, currently one of the best professions to opt for, which can surely land you highly coveted and lucrative job profiles.

Businesses today have become aware of the importance of promotional and marketing strategies to drive sales and growth. This has led to the increasing demand for marketing professionals with competent skills and abilities to handle the responsibilities with efficiency. As such, having domain-specific marketing competencies are vital for enabling marketing professionals to excel at their job.

Whether you are already working in the marketing domain or are looking forward to making a career in the same, it is essential that you have the necessary marketing competencies and skills to make your way to the top. Regardless of the industry, you work in, you need to have a mix of qualitative and quantitative skills and competencies to grow and thrive. Let us have a look here at some of the key competencies you would need to sustain in the world of marketing.


Analytical thinking is the foundation on which management professionals should build their careers. The increasingly data-driven businesses today demand analytical minds to sustain, survive, and succeed in the competitive market. Analytical/critical skills are necessary to be able to determine the rationality of situations and the efficacy of marketing approaches/strategies for business growth. As a marketing professional, you should be able to comprehend, analyze, and reveal existing and upcoming trends/patterns in the domain so as to draw more successful marketing efforts.

Technical Competency

Given the pace of change in business marketing methodologies today, it is vital that you hold a good level of technical know-how as well. Technology is continually advancing, and it is closely influencing the way marketing is done in the 21st-century business world. Today’smarketing professionals work in a continuum of integrated, interconnected systems, and technology is a crucial part of it. Hence, if you have sound technical proficiency, you can definitely relate more appropriately with the trends and perform better in the competitive marketplace. Professionals having technical competency are also highly preferred by the recruiters as they not only have knowledge of the new marketing technologies and tools but are also able to utilize them to their maximum extent.

Communication Skills

The complex nature of marketing demands professionals to possess good communication skills and competencies that would enable them to connect with business stakeholders and consumers effectively. Marketing professionals are increasingly asked to juggle leadership and managerial tasks, and for that, of course, they should be strong communicators. Since marketing is a collective team effort, interpersonal and communication skills help professionals to influence and lead their teams efficiently and successfully handle business projects for the organization.

To help you attain the required competencies as demanded in the global market of the 21st-century world, we, at The Second Wind(TSW), conduct a one-year Advanced Programme for Marketing Professionals, designed in collaboration with IIM Calcutta. The program is intended for working professionals in the field of sales and marketing and focuses at imbibing them with cutting-edge marketing approaches and strategies to enable them to tackle the challenges and thrive in the increasingly competitive business landscape. The programme involves intensive in-campus learning at IIMC Campus along with live-virtual interactive sessions conducted at TSW classrooms across India. This IIM executive programme aims to impart you with cutting-edge knowledge of marketing practices and strengthen your key marketing competencies to enable you to face the strategic and tactical challenges in the marketing domain. By taking up this program, you not only earn alumni status of IIM Calcutta but are also endowed with immense networking opportunities that help you expand your personal and professional network.

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