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EPGC: A step towards a rewarding career in corporate world

If you want to live a top-shelf life, then you need to stand on the book you have been reading. Never stop learning. Never stop growing.

~ Jim Rohn

The corporate world is continually evolving, and those not keeping up with the changing rules and increasing complexities, or not being able to strategize effectively for organization’s productivity, are ultimately replaced with someone who has the capability to contribute towards organization’s progress. Having cognizance of that and wanting to make his career more rewarding, Swagto Mukherjee, Manager at Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt. Ltd, decided to look for an Executive Programme that would sharpen his industry knowledge and skills, and thus he landed on the TSW website where he got to know about the Executive Programme Graduate Certificate. This is a programme by IIM-Kozhikode in collaboration with TSW, designed principally for working professionals.

The curriculum is handled by expert faculty from IIM K along with distinguished visiting faculty from reputed academic institutions. Going through the curriculum, he realized that the exhaustive 12 months programme, will equip him with the prowess to attain his career goals. The unique and interactive learning platform along with the in-campus module, made him enroll in this programme.


EPGC is a one-year course which apart from the live interactive sessions also includes an on-campus immersion programme at IIM-Kozhikode. Swagato was nothing short of impressed by the IIM-Kozikhode exceptional knowledge dispensing methodologies and premium infrastructure. He was all-praise not only for the marvelous and sprawling IIMK campus but also how the appointed staff ensured the smooth functioning of the entire schedule during the on-campus module.

The programme provided Swagato, with the requisite resources and tools to forge ahead in his career. He had joined the programme with an intention to strengthen his knowledge and skills for a career full of opportunities. Through this programme, he was able to have a comprehensive understanding of the business model. It has transformed his approach to tackling the work-related challenge at the office and given way to an enhanced problem-solving and decision-making skill. He feels that now with the reinforced analytical skills, he is able to understand his role in the company better and add significant value to the company.

Swagato emphasized that although the programme was very well executed, candidates planning to enroll themselves in this course must be very meticulous with their learning approach and time management. Considering it is an extensive programme, it would help the participants if they tabulate a plan ahead, accordingly.

He advised the candidates planning to join the programme in its upcoming batch, to prepare well and learn how to manage time. He highly recommends the TSW and IIM-Kozhikode’s EPGC programme to the working professional who wants to change the dimension of the career.

Swagato took a step to upscale his career in the corporate world. When do you plan to make strides towards a brilliant career?

For details related to the EPGC programme visit: www.timestsw.com

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