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Management Education With A Global Outlook To Bolster Your Professional Prowess

Management Education with a Global Outlook to Bolster Your Professional Prowess

The arena of business has never remain crude when it comes to briskly adapt to the dramatically changing face of the modern global industry. Almost all the existing industrial paradigms, norms, and strategies in every industry are evolving at an electrifying pace, and so are the ins and outs of business standards, approaches, and etiquettes. The current business world is like an ever-advancing sphere of rising diversity that’s driven by constant innovations and new establishments. But, with power, come greater responsibilities, and the foremost need that today’s business organizations strive for is a robust management system.

With the unbelievable expansion of the corporate world, the call for not only skilled but globally-competitive professionals is continually rising. However, for a management professional to be successful in today’s complex, ever-expanding, and collective business landscape, it is imperative to acquire the multidimensional skillsets and perspectives that can aid him/her to clearly understand the global business scenario. This is why we, at TSW, a professional education wing from the renowned Times Group, have introduced the most intensive and comprehensive MBA program designed exclusively for management professionals looking forward to setting a turning point in their career and lead it to the next level.

With global recognition from the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the platform presented by the TSW MBA program is aptly geared up to prepare the management professionals to efficiently cater to the dynamic industry-level requirements of the modern-world management arena. This is an executive MBA from IIM for working professionals, and upon successful completion of the program, participants are awarded an MBA degree from the prestigious IIM Kozhikode. Discussed below are some of the key aspects that set the TSW MBA Program apart from others:

Specially Designed Curriculum for Working Professionals

The foremost element that lends this program its value is the design of the program curriculum. It is a specially designed curriculum for working executives and is packed with valuable ideologies and insights from the top management education experts and academicians. The advanced curriculum is equipped with cutting-edge frameworks that aim to maximize the learning experience of professionals to the highest level, enabling them to attain utmost managerial panache and execute the skills in a diverse corporate setting.

Mentorship & Guidance from Industry Leaders

TSW is highly particular about the teaching faculty shouldering the responsibility of training the learners to enable them to carve an ever-progressing career path in the upcoming future. We have hence roped in the most talented and enthusiastic business management educators under one roof to provide our students with theoretical and practical guidance beyond any boundaries. Our faculty team is equipped with actionable skills to transfer their learned knowledge and expert insights to students with utmost conviction.

Innovative pedagogy for management professionals and entrepreneurs

Interactive learning, conceptual discussions, behavioral and computer-based simulations, case studies, experiential projects are some of the key elements that constitute the core of the learning pedagogy at TSW. The course involves 3 in-campus modules conducted at IIMK, Kerala, which further boosts the interactive component of the program. The alternative and advanced training styles help learners to attain a bigger picture of the industry, identify their areas of improvement, and drive their skills in the right way as per their respective goals.

Networking Opportunities

Enrollees of the Master of Business Administration program at TSW also benefit from some strong networking opportunities as they get to interact and connect with senior executives and business leaders from various industry verticals. It not only helps them attain valuable business insights from the real-world management experts but also lend them competitive advantage by being able to widen their network in the industry.

We, at TSW, with our MBA program are aiming to embed a sense of global business understanding, awareness, and competence in the management professionals to aid their transformation into global managers or/and successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We are glad how our family of alumni is constantly widening. Our MBA graduates are today successfully placed at some of the top business organizations across the globe, and we take immense pride in the fact that we have been successfully contributing to give the finest management professionals to the business arena. If you have the never-ending zeal to progress and wish to level up your management skills and knowledge, join the MBA Program at TSW!

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