Modern Day Managers Need Strong Technological Know-How to Thrive
Modern Day Managers Need Strong Technological Know How To Thrive The Rising Demands

Modern Day Managers Need Strong Technological Know-How to Thrive the Rising Demands

The industry of management has significantly evolved with the rolling of years. Management, being the key pillar for any business success, has roped in phenomenal innovations, new trends, and paradigms under its roof in the past few years. Unlike traditional management chores, the modern space of management is no more merely confined to gaining sales profits and impressing shareholders. Today, the world of management is more about influencing the society through businesses, valuing both customer and organisational satisfaction and expansion, and holding up organisational values.

The goals that today’s management industry has established for itself are much extensive and consequential than ever before. In order to accomplish such objectives, it is imperative for the next generation of management professionals to undertake more innovative measures, collaborate effectively not only on a national but global level, and most importantly, learn to integrate the boons of technology.

The significance of technology is massive when it comes to today’s management platform. Analysis of Big Data and Business Intelligence, Project Management technologies, Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, Enhanced Edge Computing, etc., are some of the blazing names when it comes to the emergence of technological trends in the management industry of today.

Immersive experience in smart spaces – Vitality for modern managers

A substantial percentage of business workplaces and organisations are equipped with smart technologies nowadays, and the new generation leagues of managers are expected to be savvy with the same. The twenty-first century business landscape fluently speaks the language of technology and yet there are more innovations on the verge of emergence to effectively back business ventures. Effective collaboration, communication, increased efficiency in administration, accuracy in outcomes, greater productivity, and faster processing are some of the many robust reasons for today’s management professionals to advance their technical skillsets.

Technology – The right hand of successful leaders

Management professionals utilising technical skills in the right way are considered to be well-equipped to significantly cut down the business challenges. Complex administration tasks like hefty paperwork, talent recognition and transformation, implementing the chain of command, dealing with major organisational chores, training staff group, carrying out team works, and more have become much effortless and productive with the help of administrative applications, tools, and software. To aid the managers with their roles and responsibilities, developers are introducing new and more advanced management software every now and then. This is the reason why leading business organisations across the world never step back from arranging technical training programmes for their management resources to help them adapt to the smart business environments of today and propel to the future with no skill gap.

Managers with technical proficiencies possess high marketability

The modern business landscape is no longer about academic proficiency and basic skills. The business organisations of the modern world look for the skills and abilities in managers that enable them to align with the 21st-century business environ. Technological know-how is surely one such skill that the modern world demands.

Practical knowledge and technological awareness are today considered as the key pathways to success for any management professional. Hence, if you too belong to the realm of management and wish to climb up the ladder of success, it is imperative that you equip yourself with strong technological know-how relevant to your domain. One such platform which is highly relied upon by aspiring management executives for their professional growth is Times TSW, a professional education wing of the Times Group. Our Executive Post Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management & Analytics (EPGCITMA) Programme is one of our many executive management courses that have been especially designed for working professionals.

The EPGCITMA Programme is an IIM Kozhikode executive programme launched in collaboration with Times TSW. It offers an excellent opportunity to management professionals to understand, practice, and innovate with the emerging systems, processes, and trends driving business growth. The brilliantly designed programme curriculum takes professionals through the most relevant, crisp, and key areas of modern management which includes Business Intelligence and Analytics, Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Cyber Security and Privacy, Management Information Systems, and more. The programme is delivered via an interactive online learning platform where the sessions are delivered live by IIM Kozhikode faculty through telecommunication mode. Join the Executive Post Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management & Analytics programme to attain deep-rooted knowledge on the business function of IT and utilise the same to attract better growth opportunities in your profession ahead.

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