The Modern World Challenges & Opportunities in the Domain of HR Management
The Modern World Challenges & Opportunities In The Domain Of HR Management

The Modern World Challenges & Opportunities in the Domain of HR Management

Human Resource has always remained an essential part of business management. However, now, the changing times have made it imperative for almost every organisation, big or small, to invest in an HR department. Let’s put it this way. HR management is no longer a luxury for business organisations; it’s more of a necessity. And this necessity has nearly become indispensable over the last few decades. Statistics reveal that about 72.8% of employers struggle to find the right candidate for their organisations. This is exactly where the significance of a skilled HR manager comes to the fore.

HR managers possess the requisite knowledge and expertise to match the best talent in the industry with the job position in question. However, the HR domain, like all other professional arenas, comes with its own set of exciting opportunities as well as severe challenges. This post intends to throw light on both of these facets to give you a clear picture of what HR as a career has in store for you.

Major Challenges Faced by HR Professionals Today

  • People Retention – Almost 47% of HR leaders in top firms admit that employee retention is there at the top of their challenge list. It is indeed hard to find the best talent for the company you’re working for, but it can be even tougher to retain it. Availability of higher salaries and better career opportunities in the job market make the task even more difficult.
  • Ensuring Better Productivity – Getting the maximum work productivity from the employees to maximise company profits is both important and challenging. For this, HR needs to constantly come up with attractive incentives and newer work culture facilities to keep the staff going.
  • Managing Different People Differently – A company’s workforce comprises all kinds of people from different age groups, gender, and educational and work backgrounds. An HR leader needs to treat each of them differently, keeping in mind their sensitivities and requirements.
  • Handling Globalisation – Mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, and takeovers are all hard but true realities of the modern-day work era. But we can’t expect the employees to always come to terms with these easily. It is the duty of the HR to put things in perspective for the staff and to highlight the benefits of these in the organisation’s larger interest.
  • Protecting Privacy Interests – Maintaining security of the company’s critical data and safeguarding the privacy of its employee information can be quite a daunting task for an HR manager. Moreover, they also need to always keep an eye on breach of regulations.

Top Opportunities for HR Professionals in the 21st-Century

Regardless of the above challenges, the field of HR continues to be one of the widely preferred career choices. Listed below are some of the top benefits that you get to experience being an HR management professional.

  • Influential Position – The position of an HR manager is highly regarded in an organisation. The position commands respect and value because the person holding it brings the best talent for the company and also works hard to nurture and sustain the same.
  • Power to Determine Future Prospects for the Staff– The HR of the company gets to decide on appraisals, acknowledgement of efforts, rewards, etc. for the employees. In a way, it is the HR manager who has the power to shape the future of the staff in a company.
  • Networking Opportunities – HR professionals get to interact with different sets of people everyday. This provides them with an opportunity to expand their professional, as well as personal network, and build strong industry connections. Besides, the best part of being an HR is that you function as the actual connect between the employees and the management, redressing grievances at both ends.

To sum up, HR management is one domain that holds its own share of challenges and opportunities and needs the aspirants to hold a deep-seated understanding of both to keep thriving and growing. If you too wish to explore the immense opportunities that the field of HR has to offer, and are determined to get equipped with deep industry know-how to successfully overcome the challenges, the Post Graduate Certificate Course in Human Resource Management from XLRI Jamshedpur awaits you. This one-year XLRI certificate course for HR is delivered via a live-virtual platform at TSW classrooms and comprises of 5-days in-campus sessions at XLRI Jamshedpur. This means that you can easily avail the live sessions from XLRI faculty without even needing to take a break from your busy work routine. Join the programme and get ready to embrace your transformation into a powerful HR leader of tomorrow.

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