What it Takes to Rise as a True Leader in the 21st-Century Business World?
What It Takes To Rise As A True Leader In The 21st Century Business World

What it Takes to Rise as a True Leader in the 21st-Century Business World?

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” – President John Quincy Adams, USA. This may have been spoken long ago, but it still holds relevance in the 21st-century world. Leaders are found everywhere around us – they are one among us, yet somewhat different and unique. And, they truly hold the key to the group’s success that they’re a part of.

Now coming to the modern-day business world, where the managers are the true leaders. In the corporate arena, it is the managers who shoulder the responsibility of heading a group of skilled personnel and guide them to the pinnacle of success. But, one question that often pops up is whether all managers are born leaders? Or is leadership a trait that can be evoked along the journey of life? Well, the fact is that each one of us has strong potential to lead in whatever domain we excel in. All it needs is a bit of polishing and a lot of dedication, and you’re there! Let us have a look at the key qualities that one should possess to rise as a true leader in today’s business world.

Ability to embrace the ever-advancing technology

Technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds, and that holds true for the business world as well. The modern technology has truly made most business processes faster and simpler. But the challenge for managers lies in effectively using the technology to serve larger organisational interests. A simple example here would be instant messengers. A true leader is one who understands that technology is to facilitate communication between him and his team. However, the manager must also understand that for effectively conveying frank and direct messages, and to avoid miscommunication of any kind, messaging may not always be a good option.

Welcoming changing work scenarios

The work culture across the world has undergone considerable change in the current century. The whole culture of going to offices every day is somewhat waning, and remote work culture is gaining immense popularity. This can be somewhat challenging for a manager, who needs to know the right ways to communicate with such team members, adequately convey work needs, and ensure that work gets done in time, considering that there’s no physical contact.

Following an empathetic approach

The managers of today can’t do without being sensitive and empathetic to their team’s needs. When you’re willing to listen, understand, and empathise with your team, it makes a massive difference to how they look up to you. And of course, it means better work relations with them and improved results.

Creative marketing

Competition has become absolutely cut-throat. There are tons of digital marketing agencies willing to help clients score an edge over their rivals. In order to sustain a lead in the market, or even make the next lead, a true leader needs to think out of the box and get creative with his promotional ideas.

Can-do approach

A leader never gives up, even if he fails. And this is the exact approach he needs to transmit to his team members. Accept new challenges, overcome barriers, and achieve goals is the mantra that 21st-century business leaders keep hold of, and it is indeed the key to their success.

The modern business landscape surely requires the managers to stay updated with the times. They can no longer keep relying on age-old practices if they wish to grow in the 21st-century world. The modern world is highly demanding and requires the managers to stand firm on all fronts, be it their technological awareness or personality aspects. To help the management professionals gain a stronghold of the cutting-edge management concepts so as to gain a competitive advantage in the market, we, at TSW, in collaboration with the Wharton University of Pennsylvania, have created a Leadership and Management Certificate programme. This four-month business management certificate course is delivered via an interactive live virtual learning platform by the faculty from Wharton and thus provides busy working professionals with a convenient way to scale up their strategic management know-how. Hence, if you too belong to the management arena and are willing to scale to new heights of success, enrol yourself for this Leadership and Management Programme and learn what it takes to rise as a true management leader.

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